Mandalay Bay Hotel

(Standard Room) A+

(Vista Suite) A++

So the Friday before the wedding we had a Standard Room, which I have to say, I love even the standard rooms at MB. We checked in and asked to be put on the same floor as the Vista Suite that our WC has booked for us already, and they were very accommodating. The next morning I started calling first thing  to see when we would get the room, and by about Noon, it was being cleaned. So by the time the guy's got back from buying the drinks, they Valet the car and had them bring up the stuff, and all they had to do was wheel our suite cases down the hall! I also have a WONDERFUL BFF, so her and her hubby helped get things organized in the room. All I can say about the Vista Suite is WOW!! We had a Strip view that was AMAZING especially by about 8:00pm, and all of the guest were like WOW!! which was about all 50ish of them:) So...Now glitches....The then FI did not hook up the computer with the music (I was in the main room getting Hair/Make-up, so I could not go out and “remind” him!) So by the time we got in the room one TV had the Laker game on and then someone?? had already got background music off the other TV, so no major dancing occurred, everyone seemed in a more “Let's Mingle” mode, due to some of our guest had not seen each other in a long time and some were just meeting. But I will say that if we wanted to we could have!

THE Chapel @ Mandalay Bay

WC (Alyssa) A+/ Cashman A for Photo's/ D for attitude

Well all I can say is that I was very happy with all of the pre-communication with my WC, my flowers we perfect! Now day of...... I only saw Alyssa for a second and then another WC started to help us, to be honest she was kinda abrupt and she was so-so. As far as Cashman, I am very happy with what I have seen, I seriously did not care for the bad attitude that I was given for having MikeL with me, but oh well!!

Side note: The ceremony started late because it's not normally Rev. Roland who would have done our ceremony, and for some reason he did not have us in his book! But he made it and all I can say is A+++ everyone! Love his ceremony :) Also...due to the fact that we started late we had a problem getting Masterpiece in the room on time, but, we ended up getting a WC to go up and let them in so they get an extra A++ for that!

Masterpiece Cuisine

As usual they are gonna get a great review from me! I barely got any of the bacon wrapped shrimp! My BFF's hubby put together a plate for me, because he could see I was having a hard time getting over there to get any food! Lol....also my hubby kept getting side tracked....But the food was AMAZING! And there was plenty of it and everyone was complimenting us :)
Side note: We had a VERY MAJOR problem with the heating trays, apparently there possibly was a crack in the table already?? But the heating element caused a VERY large crack across the main table that it was placed on, so we dealt with the hotel and so far we are in the clear, but I was very concerned! This happened about 1/2 way thru the night?? I think...
Gimme Some Sugar
A+ for taste, etc/ B for delivery....

Ok! These gals are AMAZING!! I can't wait to get pic's to show you ladies this cake! We had a Mario cake and it tasted great! I even had someone say “That's the best wedding cake” they had ever had. So now about the delivery....I was told 4:30pm and still am not sure when the cake was delivered, because it was not there when I left for the chapel and it was not there when DH left for the chapel either...but in the end they are still AMAZING!!


Where to start about Mike, Courtney and Perkins....This was a great group to have with me!! They are so nice, kept trying to make sure I was relaxed! At one point at the reception Courtney finally told me that she was going to pretend to “talk” to me so I could eat!! lol. I only booked them for 3 hours to get a few shot's on the way to the chapel, some after shot's and a few shot's in the Suite, well....They showed up early got some getting ready shot's, me in the bride room (until they thought they better get out so that the chapel would not get mad) and some shot's on the way up to the room and they were just everywhere during the reception!! I can not wait to see my teasers!! :)

Side Note: On the way to our Vista Suite, we were getting off the elevator and I walk off and a bride is getting on and we stop and look at each other......WE HAD THE SAME DRESS ON!! It was the most jaw dropping moment! In the end all I did was laugh, but Mike and Courtney said that they wish they had been able to catch the look on our faces....Priceless...


Ok....So I booked them for me, my 2 FSIL's, 2 BFF's and my mom. Yes it was PRICEY! But so nice to know that we all got a little extra treatment! Well at first we started with Esther as the stylist and she did pretty good work, she did all of the girls hair and I was happy. Well, we got to me....I had said I wanted to do something “different” and we decided to curl it, well...OMG!! Not the thing to do! So after looking at it, I decided it needed to be fixed ASAP! But before she could get back to me....Jame's came in!! and I am sure he saw the look of panic on my face and he put me at ease and got to work and all I can say is he is a GOD!! and he was cracking jokes and getting me to relax, got rid of the dark circles for being out the night before:)

Pole Dancing Classes (

My FSIL booked this for the night before, it was so much fun!! They set up at my room in MB and we had a blast!